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Women Scarves Hats & Gloves

Women's scarves, hats and gloves: it's time to start thinking about the accessories that will accompany us throughout the winter season. Women's hats are the ideal accessory both in winter and in summer, ready to give an extra boost to any kind of look. Despite the need to shelter from the cold and wind, we must not forget the glamorous aspect of these fashion accessories, being careful not to give up a touch of elegance that tends to enhance our outfit. The choice in our online catalogue is wide, from bon bon hats to animal print gloves, ideal for those who prefer a casual and practical style, perhaps combined with short coats or sports jackets. Our selection also includes vintage 70s-style beret hats, iconic accessories that have immediately become part of a woman's wardrobe, versatile bohemian styles that are perfect for all types of face, giving a rebellious and aggressive touch while adding a chic and original touch to any outfit. Once winter has passed, the season in which gloves and scarves are the lion's share of accessories to complete the look, they are usually stored away for the summer season, waiting for the fashion trends that will show us which ones to wear in the next cold season, but one glove model that never goes out of fashion is the leather glove, an evergreen that is always up-to-date and gives that extra touch of refinement and elegance to complete any outfit, flanked, in recent years, also by leatherette models, cheap and combinable with dresses to show off during important evenings, items that you can find in our online shop Donna Più Firenze. Scarves are also well represented in the category: classic wool scarves, long and voluminous super scarves usually made with thick yarns ideal for sheltering from the wind, soft cashmere scarves as light and soft as feathers. New collection of fashion accessories scarves, hats and gloves, many suggestions for women of all ages.

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