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Women's straw hats, bags and backpacks


The warm season is coming and it's time to renew your wardrobe by peeking at what's new for this summer 2023. In addition to clothing, the search begins for the right accessories to enhance an outfit that is just as suitable for the city as it is for the holiday. What if not straw accessories? Now true summer evergreens when the relentless sun takes your breath away. So let the search begin for hats and bags to match with style according to the next fashion trends.

Bags, backpacks and hats for a trendy look! Accessories that are now also widely used in the city and not only at the seaside, giving a casual chic look to even the most elegant outfits. Straw, the must-have material of the summer. 
In our catalogue there are different types of straw hats and bags: from maxi bags to small handbags/clutches whose capacity allows you to carry your mobile phone, coin purse and keys
                                                 STRAW HATS - THE MODELS TO MATCH
To match straw hats you have to play with the size depending on the garment worn, there are many proposals to choose from: country casual style, wide and romantic or panama style.
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