Shipping offer from 59,90€ Women's clothing and fashion accessories Donna Più Firenze online sale.
Eco vegan clothing
Women's summer fashion eco vegan category. Clothes created with vegetable fabrics with an ethnic-bohemian flavour, eco-sustainable, organic and natural.

​​​​​​Eco, Vegan-Friendly Clothing. The ECO VEG line wants to enhance the fibres from cellulose. A soft, flowing vegetable fabric that is particularly fresh and easy to iron. Vegan fashion, cruelty-free eco-sustainable women's outfits to meet the demands of customers looking for clothes made from natural and eco-sustainable fabrics.
The eco vegan line with an ethnic boho chic flavour, expands our offer that also includes ethnic curvy clothing for larger sizes, eco natural clothes made of light cotton and all the latest in ethnic fashion, which are continually updated with new garments in line with fashion outfit trends. 
All sizes of dresses, skirts, trousers are Italian sizes.

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